Categories and tags are all http://localhost:1313

Doing hugo server --verbose creates a public directory where the posts are fine but all the tags and category files have http://localhost:1313. Is there a way to fix this?



if I use -b URL I still get 1313 as the port

Try hugo help server and see if it says something about ports.

it doesn’t but this page does and it solved the problem:

Weird, because hugo help server gives me exactly what you are looking for:

hugo help server
Hugo is able to run its own high performance web server.
Hugo will render all the files defined in the source directory and
serve them up.

  hugo server [flags]

      --appendPort[=true]: append port to baseurl
      --bind="": interface to which the server will bind
      --disableLiveReload[=false]: watch without enabling live browser reload on rebuild
      --meminterval=100: interval to poll memory usage (requires --memstats)
      --memstats="": log memory usage to this file
  -p, --port=1313: port on which the server will listen
  -w, --watch[=false]: watch filesystem for changes and recreate as needed

yes I wasn’t sure what though. I now realise hugo server doesn’t build a ‘release’ version of a blog. I have to use various other flags to do that. Thanks for the info though. I’ve just migrated from octopress so there are still a few things lingering in my brain from how that works!