Hugo server -w -v Does nothing

I’m testing hugo and it seems there’s something that I’m missing. I hope that someone who has more experience than me can give me some ideas on what could be wrong.

ub@ub5:~/work/site1$ find . -type f -iname ".site.params"
ub@ub5:~/work/site1$ s hugo server -w -v
INFO: 2016/06/05 Using config file: /home/ub/work/site1/config.toml
INFO: 2016/06/05 syncing from /home/ub/work/site1/themes/hugo-wave/static to /

It doesn’t seem like it’s binding 1313 port and page is not coming up on localhost/ My config.toml looks like this:

baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Test site"
theme = “hugo-wave”


I’ll ignore the first line (which I don’t understand) but what is the “s hugo”? Try remove the “s” and see what happens

s is an alias to sudo.

ub@ub5:~/work/site1$ hugo server -w -v
INFO: 2016/06/05 Using config file: /home/ub/work/site1/config.toml
INFO: 2016/06/05 syncing from /home/ub/work/site1/themes/hugo-wave/static to /

Same thing happens and cursor just blinks. It doesn’t look like binding ports works.

ub@ub5:~/work/site1$ s ss -ltn
State Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address:Port Peer Address:Port
LISTEN 0 128 :
LISTEN 0 5 :
LISTEN 0 128 :22 :
LISTEN 0 128 ::1:631 :::

LISTEN 0 128 :::22 :::*

I looked through other posts and found this one where adding


fixed the problem.
I’m testing hugo on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS (just in case someone had similar problem).

Thanks for a quick response.

Just in case you were interested what this does:

find . -type f -iname “.site.params”

“.” - current directory recursively
"-type f" - look for files only
"-iname " - file with name blabla and ignore case

OK, then you probably run Hugo 0.15 32 bit version (not sure why), which has a known issue with rendering to memory (faster).

I did:

go get -v

and then:

$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.15 BuildDate: 2015-11-25T08:36:27-06:00

I did:

$ go get -u -v

but after updates it is still showing the same version.

Which means multiple versions and a path issue.

That was it.

/usr/bin/hugo had version v0.15 and I had another one in ~/go/bin/hugo.

I fixed the issue.

Thank you.