Running Hugo Server with pages rendered using the baseurl from config.toml


When using ‘hugo server’ the local pages are rendered using localhost (for allowing local browsing of course).

Is it possible to launch ‘hugo server’ using the baseurl from the config.toml file ; all links from the local preview would link to the deployed online of course,


No, but you can use the -b flag on the server command.

wow thanks!

it works but some part of the site is broken, it’s surely linked to the fact that it still use the 13:13 port, any hint on how to remedy on this?

Look at the flags here:

I tried with --appendPort false
but the result was the same :confused:

Found why it wasn’t working ; it is `



–appendPort false

you need the =

but I found that the live reload disappeared ; i haven’t changed anything besides adding the --baseurl and --appendPort flags, is there something i must do? (tried to add --liveReloadPort=1313) but it’s not working either.