Can't render with theme, but can serve

On hugo v0.21-DEV I seem to be unable to specify a theme when rendering my Hugo site.

It worked fine on previous versions and works for hugo server, just not for the plain hugo command.

I’m running it like this, as described here:

hugo --config=config.yaml --destination=./publish/ -t mythemename;

I’m also specifying theme: "mythemename" in config.yaml. Neither of these seems to help, as I get an error about being unable to find a partial:

ERROR 2017/04/18 12:23:25 Error while rendering "taxonomy": template: theme/taxonomy/foobar.html:9:46: executing "theme/taxonomy/foobar.html" at <partial "breadcrumbs...>: error calling partial: Partial "breadcrumbs/foobar.html" not found

If I move that partial to the root location (i.e. not in the theme), then it is able to find it, so it seems the plain hugo command is not using the theme I’m specifying.

Any ideas how I can get this working?

This seems to be working again after updating Hugo to the latest build.

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