Problem with partials - works with 0.31.1 but not afterwards

So I posted this issue on github - but was asked to seek support here.

basically, after 0.31.1, I get a rendering error about partial template “head” not found. However, 0.31.1 and before seem to work fine. my knowledge of go templating is pretty rudimentary - so would appreciate if someone can take a look.

Here’s the error with 0.33

ERROR 2018/01/19 23:42:00 Error while rendering "taxonomyTerm" in "": template: _default/terms.html:2:3: executing "_default/terms.html" at <partial "head" .>: error calling partial: Partial "head" not found

OTOH, with 0.31.1

ERROR 2018/01/19 23:45:16 asciidoctor: WARNING: post/perl-you-either-love-it-or-you-hate-it.asciidoc: line 27: list item index: expected 6, got 4
WARNING: calling IsSet with unsupported type "ptr" (*hugolib.MenuEntry) will always return false.

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I’ve bundled up my blog into a zip here (along with the theme it uses).

Thanks for taking the time.

I have looked at your site, and if you remove this:

    name = "default"

Then it works.

Your config isn’t valid TOML. Not sure why it has worked before, but in this situation you end up with no theme defined, and Hugo does not read the theme templates.

Thank you for looking into it. :+1: