Can't get to impact my section

I added the and files to my section content in content/createurs. Unfortunately, I can’t get them to control the page For example, I assigned slug = creators in the file, and the page is still found at Is there something I need to activate in my config.toml? I can give link to the repo if you have time to take a look :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !

You need to configure permalinks in your config, at least. A linke would be helpful.

Here is the link to the repo:
You will see that, because I couldn’t use, I created some outside of the folder to manage the front matter of this page.
My permalinks aren’t specified in my config, usually I’m just building with filename, slug or url… I’m not sure to understand what I should add in the config.toml since I’m using basic structure. Thanks for your time @bep :slight_smile:

Couple things that might help from a quick glance at your source:

  1. You’re root content folder is getting cluttered; if you want URLs at the root, is recommend creating a singles (or singletons or pages or whatever you prefer) and putting all the sort of one-off pages in there. Then configure the permalinks in your config file to remove the “singles” from the output URL. (Putting slugs/URLs in every front matter is too tedious.)
  2. Keep in mind that renders according to a list template and not any if your single.html.

A link to a repository which does not show the actual problem isn’t helping me helping you.

Hi, I’m sorry for that @bep, here’s what I would like some help with (I made some small changes, thanks to @rdwatters) :
You can see in my content/createurs, I created and, which are both rendered by my layouts/createurs/list.html
However, looks like the page baseurl/createurs is not taking into account my file, since you can see the output here. According to my layouts/createurs/list.html, it should output List {{.Title}}. In that case, in doesn’t output the Title I set in the frontmatter. Any thoughts?