Can't render my section's

Hey guys. I’m a little confused about how to get a custom page for my section. I have a section called /content/services which has an and 2 other files. Instead of rendering it’s serving up the /<theme>/layouts/_default/list.html template, which lists the 2 files in /content/services. How can I get /content/services/ to render when browsing http://localhost:1313/services/? I also tried creating /layouts/services/index.html to no avail.

Using Hugo v0.24.1.

That should render, but you can make a template specifically for that section

Hugo will look for identical layouts in your project directory before it goes to the themes directory in terms of the lookup order…so @budparr 's solution will work as well.

I would recommend creating the same file but up a couple levels up at yourproject/layouts/_default/list.html.

You can then tweak the templating as needed. To get the content from the mentioned, you can add the {{ .Content }} variable.

If I create /myproject/layouts/_default/list.html then my theme’s layouts/index.html is no longer respected for some reason. The content from /content/services/ will show though.

You’re not getting any errors? Doesn’t sound related. You have a repo you can post?