Page variables in list template via

Hi y’all.

I am trying to add some content and front matter to a section page on my site and not having any luck. I am following the advice given on the docs here and adding an file w/in the section’s directory, but I cannot seem to read from it in my _default.html file.

If I try simply printing {{ .Params.somevariable }}, I get nothing.

When I try printing {{ .Content }} I get an error that “Content is not a field of struct type *hugolib.Node”

I have tried v0.16, 0.17, and 0.18.1 all with the same results.

Any advice?


I think you are confused about the default folder and how to create the templates. If you have a repo, I’m happy to take a look. If you want a default section page, this should actually be under _default/section.html and not _default.html.

oh whoops. yes, i meant default /layouts/_default/list.html.

My content is under content/start and that’s where I’ve put as well.

The rest of my list template works fine (paginating and whatnot) but I can’t seem to get frontmatter to work.

Thanks! it is new feature which works only in the version 0.18. In previous versions, you need to use

If you want to know the esoteric of work of the, you need a long time and carefully study the sequence of templates choice for rendering sections.

Very true.

@SamPotasz Did you trying creating the layout at layouts/_default/section.html? If so, are you getting that same issue? Regardless, I believe that it should be cascading down to layouts/_default/list.html if it’s not being picked up at layouts/_default/section.html. Also, are you sure you have the appropriate front matter and source organization for the corresponding If you can point me to a repo where you’re housing the templating, that would help considerably. Also, any errors you’re getting logged to the console.

I’d like to help, but I need more to go off of…

Thanks so much, @rdwatters. I came back to the issue this weekend and got it working. I wasn’t understanding which template would be rendered for the section, but now I think I’ve got it!

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