New section: creates .xml list but not incorporated in .html

I am using Terassa theme (lovely) and have added a post using blogdown I am writing in two languages.

Recently, I tried to add another list section, called tech.

en /

The tech/ page isn’t rendering correctly. gets formed, and can be viewed if I type in the URL. However, the tech/ generates the xml for the index, but this does not get incorporated in the index.html. I’ve tried purging caches, rm -rf public and everything else I can think of. I can’t see any settings that would cause this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Full blog source is here:

Hi there,

The link to your repo returns a 404.

Sorry, had it set to private.

It’s the theme you are using.

This line only grabs the pages under posts, excluding those under other sections, such as tech in your case.

You may want to override it in a layouts/_default/list.html file yourself:

{{ $paginator := .Paginate .Pages }}

{{ $paginator := .Paginate .Pages.ByDate.Reverse }}

Bingo, got it, thanks very much. I’d only checked that there was a layouts/_default/list.html, I hadn’t checked within it.

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