/content/topics is not served

Hi all I’m new to hugo (I’ve just started using it this morning) and I messed around a bit with the after-dark theme, I managed to have a home page working creating a /layout/index.html and a /content/index.md now I would like to have a Blog section where my posts are displayed so obviously is a different layout from the home. I have my first post in /content/posts/first.md but when i navigate to /posts it just gives me 404, which very obvious thing I’m missing?

Rename /content/index.md to /content/_index.md. Hugo is likely treating the index.md as a Page Bundle (which consumes everything under it as resources). More info at https://gohugo.io/about/new-in-032/.

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That’s what i was missing.
Thanks for the info, it works now!