Can someone help me out with setting up my hugo site?

I really like the concept of hugo. But I have been having a hard time deploying it.

I am trying to customise the sidebar of the hyde theme.

I want to create menus in the sidebar. For eg.
How do I create pages like About, Goals etc in the sidebar. I saw a variable .Site.Menu.main
But where do I populate the value of the main array?

Can I set it somewhere
main = [‘About’, ‘Goals’]

Also in the sidebar i want to add something like share and follow as shown in

Is this a very advanced setup? I have decent experience html css & can code websites on my own. But I am finding this kind of thing difficult.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Menus can be set up in main config or/and by putting pages into a given menu in the front matter. See
  2. See

We have invested a ton of time in developing excellent documentation which covers all of the questions you are asking.
You are not seeking an advanced setup, but you need to learn how to configure it to do what you want.

The docs are available at

The menu specific docs are available in