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I am totally new with Hugo development. I am discovering the product. Well, I would like to create a menu in my first page. How can I do that step by step ?

Is there any book about Hugo?

Thank you very much.


Yes, you have an entire section of the documentation related to menus:

Hello Bruno,
I already read it. However Menu does not appear. I miss something… that’s why I ask help with step by step operations. Thank you.

Show us your code and then it will be easier to help. Best is to put your site in a public GitHub repo.

here is my

title: "test"
date: 2019-05-29T21:52:55+02:00
draft: true
archives: [2018]
tags: [test]
author: Eddy Boite

# Bienvenue

### Introduction

I want to add a menu after …

I am going to check how to get my repo public.

Note: I am a beginner in Web dev ; so I apologize if my questions seem basic … :slight_smile:

Thank you

You need to wrap your code in a set of three apostrophes at the beginning and at the end.

like this ```

Besides putting the menu code in your frontmatter, you need to make sure your theme uses the Menu functions.

Thank you

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