Can I upload HTML files (created in RoboHelp) directly to Hugo without using ATOM?

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My company will be using HUGO to build an HTML help system which will consist of user guides being uploaded as HTML.

I am a technical writer who will be writing the user guides. I will be using a single sourcing authoring tool called RoboHelp. ( I am a beginner in Hugo and RoboHelp)

Can I upload the HTML files directly to HUGO rather than have to copy and paste the HTML to ATOM and then upload?

The company developers use GitHub for their repository.

Please could you advise.

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Hugo supports HTML in content pages.

But to make these HTML pages integrated in a Hugo site with pagination and menus you would need to include front matter before your HTML.

Read about Front Matter at the Hugo Docs:

If you simply upload the HTML files, these pages will be served when the site is generated but they will not be accessible with the content management tools that Hugo offers.

Adobe Robohelp? If so, that tool can apparently be used to create an HTML5 website per help file. It does not make sense to use Robohelp as the tool, then also try to re-create those guides in Markdown files in Hugo.

Rather, in my opinion, I would think that Hugo would be used to create a kind of index site to bring together the various Robohelp sites you write. Presumably you can get the design theme of the Hugo site to look like the design theme of the Robohelp sites, so it all looks like an integrated whole.

You could make an index page in the Hugo site, that simply points at the Robohelp sites (presumably there will be some kind of index.html file you can link to).

I have not tried it but, you can probably create a subfolder under static to house the Robohelp sites you export from your tool. Like:


You would author a guide, then save it into some folder under static/guides, then git commit and push. When you run hugo it will simply copy those folders under /guides in the root of the site. Then you can deploy in the standard way.

Then, you or someone could make the index in a Hugo site for tying them all together, in a standard Hugo content markdown file (editing with Atom or whatever editor you want to use):

### Guide Index

Click the links to access your guide: 

* [Guide X](/guides/guide-x)
* [Guide Y](/guides/guide-y)


### Guide Index

Click the links to access your guide: 

* [Guide X](/guides/guide-x/index.html)
* [Guide Y](/guides/guide-y/index.html)

If Robohelp is making a standard HTML5 site, then it should be possible to do the above.

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thanks RIck - will give it a go