Incorporating non-Markdown pages into Hugo site

Hi – I have a large number of HTML pages that I’d like to incorporate into a Hugo site with minimal changes. Any advice?

More details:

  • This is part of a research project. The raw HTML is generated by programs – lots of tables, etc. I’d like to incorporate it into a Hugo site so it’s easier to author the explanations for what everything means.
  • It’s really convenient for the output of the programs to work independently of Hugo (eg links referring to other pages, etc). I want to review the output of the programs without having to fire up Hugo.
  • When it’s incorporated into the Hugo site, it would be nice for the theme to be applied.
  • It’s not a big deal to modify the programs to put Hugo’s front-matter at the beginning of each HTML file (in comments, which thankfully is OK with Hugo).

What I’ve done so far:

  • Put the Hugo front-matter in an HTML file.
  • Changed the name from X.html to (I’d rather not)
  • Moved it to the appropriate place in the Hugo site

Issues that need to be resolved:

  • Links between the HTML pages no longer work.
  • Work out interactions between the HTML file’s section and Hugo.
  • In-line javascript is rewritten (e.g. < turns into < or something). I should be able to factor that out into a separate .js file.

That’s all I’ve noticed so far. Anything else I should anticipate? Of that list, it’s the links that have me stumped.


The “theme applied” means CSS. So link to the sites stylesheet in the HTML docs, but load them all from the static directory. The HTML will load directly, and will apply the projects CSS.

Well that is what you need to do then.

HTML is a perfectly valid format for Hugo.