Can I deploy on this nameCheap plan with (jailed) ssh?

I’m creating a small website for the first time, and I was looking into deployment solutions. Since I don’t have a big budget, but I don’t think it’ll get very heavy, I was looking more into shared hosting. Specifically, I intend to follow this tutorial about deploying with rsync since I saw in another post here that it was possible. I use linux, so I’m familiar with at least some of these commands, and it seems the simplest. However, that means I have to look only at plans that offer SSH access. I did find a few, the cheapest of those I’ve seen so far being on NameCheap, tho it only offers “jailed SSH”.
It is described as such on their site:

Secure remote command line access to your account. Jailed SSH gives you limited shell access where only basic shell commands are allowed, and the usage is limited to your account. To get jailed ssh enabled please submit a request to our helpdesk.

I haven’t found any more detail. Of course, I get why you’d be limited to your account, but what about the “basic shell commands”, should that be enough commands to deploy the site as in the aforementioned tutorial?

Thank you in advance!

Even if you have a big budget, use something free:

Automatic build and deploy triggered by a push to your GitHub or GitLab repository is easier.

Thank you! I should’ve seen it listed among the tutorials, but I overlooked it, certainly because I made wrong assumptions, like that it wouldn’t have SSL or that you couldn’t use a domain name, but looking more into it, seems like it really has all I need! You certainly spared me a lot of expenses and headaches, thanks again!

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