SSH hosting recommendations?

I am considering moving a Hugo project to a Deployment with Rsync workflow.

Do you have any recommendations for hosting providers with SSH access?

My requirements are:

  • Auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS cert.
  • Able to configure Content Security Policy
  • Forms
  • A CDN would be ideal, but if not available, I can always add Cloudflare.

I would prefer suggestions for managed hosting, since I don’t really have the time to maintain a server.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Take a look at

Except for the CDN everything mentioned and quite a few more ( should be available.


I’m using a Netcup VPS with satisfaction to host following web sites produced with Hugo:

Not a managed hosting, but otherwise worth the money. No CDN though.

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@Fryboyter Thank you! Uberspace looks mighty interesting for my use case. Of course I will need to update whatever server software I use myself but for my Hugo project that will not be a lot. Also I like Uberspace’s operating model.

I am hosting my stuff there for years. Besides the, for a webspace, very extensive range of functions, I can also recommend the support.

The first 30 days are free, so you can test without any risks.

Domains are not offered, however. You have to manage them with another provider like inwx and then link them with your Uberspace (Uberspace does not charge anything extra for this). Which also has its advantages.

I personally use and highly recommend Vultr. If you do end up using them, perhaps you could use my ref link so that I may get a month or so of free hosting! :slight_smile:

The reason I love them is their fast and excellent support, great control panel, great documentation and the biggest point for me was a clean IP address so that I can run an email service. I tried Linode, Ditital Ocean, and a few others, and I just couldn’t get a clean IP. Now I’m on a clean Subnet, no one sending mail but me, and no ip on the subnet has bad rep.

Those were my reasons.

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