Building a Documentation Portal with Hugo

We are looking for a contractor to build a static site using Hugo static site generator. The site is the new Heroic Labs Documentation Portal.

  • The site design is already completed
  • The content of the site is also ready to go. The content is written in Markdown.
  • Designer is also available to provide all assets.

Goals for this job:

  • Create a new documentation portal static site using Hugo. This is the replacement for our current documentation: Docker compose - Heroic Labs Documentation
  • The site will need to be integrated with our existing website
  • Site must be mobile-first.

Work expectations:

  • Work with the DevRel team to ensure Hugo site is developed in a modular way, and follows the design and input of the team.
  • Ensure Hugo reads and compiles Markdown, and various other “static data” formats (e.g. Json/Yaml)
  • Ensure all relevant redirects are in place.

Questions for applicants to answer:

  • Hugo experience?
  • Go template experience?

Please DM me or email me with your questions / thoughts and purposal. I’d to kick this off as soon as possible with the highest urgency.

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