Would like to post a job in the Services section

Hi - I’d like to use the Services section to post a job/contract for my company (heroiclabs.com) but I cannot create a new post.

Can you kindly let me know why this is, and potentially whitelist me so I can do that?

The Discourse software has automatic limits for new users.

Forum moderators have nothing to do with these settings and we do not receive notifications when a user hits these limits.

Therefore I cannot know why your topic was rejected.

Can you please try posting again? If the post is rejected you should be seeing an automatic message, what are its contents?


You are also welcome to post a regular topic, and we can move that over to the correct section for you.

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Thanks @alexandros - The issue is that the “Post New Topic” button is completely disabled for the ‘Services’ category for me.

I’ll post a new topic as @pointyfar suggested and I’ll tag both of you guys to move it to the correct category. Thanks!

FYI - Screenshot:

Please move this post to the right category:

Try starting a new topic, -just like this one- and then below the topic title there is a drop-down menu, to select the topic’s category… see:

I just moved the topic to the Services category.

I had a look at that dropdown and ‘Services’ wasn’t even visible for me.

Don’t know why.

Perhaps the forum’s @admins can look into this.

I have exactly the same problem. Maybe admins @bep or @anthonyfok woul be able to help?

Again, do a regular post and it will be moved to that section.