New technical documentation + product website built with hugo

I used the (great!) Hugo to build a product website including the help, technical documentation, usage instructions & release notes for an open-source task-runner automation tool I also created.

Hugo was/is a joy to work with & much thanks to all the creators and maintainers! So much so I added a section on why & how Hugo is great here:

Notable areas of functionality:

  • Fully responsive down to 320px.
  • Different page layouts & behaviors all configurable via front matter.
  • Tree menu for documentation section where hierarchy is important for navigation over different pages.
  • Designed for dark mode.
  • SEO with Structured Data
  • Social media sharing with configurable meta tags.
  • Lightweight site - no dependency on jquery, bootstrap or any of the heavier frameworks and 50 million dependencies for simple functionality that can as easily just live in modern html, css & js. Back to basics FTW!
  • Minimalist coding gets to a >=98% score on Lighthouse.

  • Automated release process with free hosting on Github Pages.
  • Intuitive product site taxonomy with different sections for technical documentation, release notes and news.
  • Encourage feedback with prominent bug reporting on any given feature and direct links to edit & improve the documentation.

If you like the look of this, most of the functionality is in a reusable & highly configurable theme. . . but I’ve not documented the theme itself as of yet, please bear with me!