Up to date Hugo tutorial

I am interested to learn deeper about some aspects of Hugo. Who can suggest an up-to-date tutorial?

I found some in this answer.

In my opinion, deepening knowledge is not the purpose of a tutorial. The tutorial is a discovery tool.

The best way to deepen your knowledge is simply to read all the documentation systematically and completely.

It may sound strange, but you learn something else by reading a doc systematically than if you consult it for a specific question.

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The docs are mere references, based on some responses I found in this forum. I am halfway through creating my own Hugo theme and 3/4 of the knowledge I have had to Google different tutorials.

Seriously? The Hugo documentation might be the decisive source for everything, but in my opinion it is not a good point to “deepen your knowledge”. Information is spread over the most improbable parts, there’s no clear structure (at least not one that I comprehend), the examples are lacking of explanations (an example is not simply a quotation of code, is should also explain what executing the code results in). And so on …

The docs are fine when you already know where to look for what or to quickly figure out which parameters a function expects.

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I have to agree with you here. The official hugo docs could really benefit from some love…

The problem is that getting the documentation right is… REALLY hard… for myriad reasons… I don’t REALLY have a good solution aside from encouraging pull requests to fixup stuff tho.


If I were to sum up my challenges getting to know hugo as someone from the world of HTML/Javascript/React/node, it would be 30% figuring out how go works and 70% trying to figure out the individual themes I’ve cloned. I think the hugo docs (especially when you add the community boards) are actually pretty good – it’s the themes that get arcane. So if a new person is not comfortable digging into a codebase to see how a particular parameter works for that theme, they will face a steep learning curve.

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