Beautiful hugo theme menus not rendering properly on web

I am migrating a Google Sites web to GitLab Pages using beautiful hugo theme.

Everything was working ok, so yesterday I decided to configure the domain.

Now the upper menu is not rendering properly: it shows all menus and they work but they are not displayed in the proper way, and they cover the page. I am not changed /theme folder in the last three weeks, an it works fine locally. I have just deteted the image, to avoid its rendering (it was hiding almost all the web page, instead of a small circle in the middle)

Any help/ idea would be apreciated.

Edit: solved with a previous version of config.toml.
I will share if I find which part of config.toml edition was responsible

Edit2: I think the reason is to add comments in config .toml with spaces before #
Edit3: comments at the start of file config.toml, near baseUrl