Hugo renders correctly on local server, but not on GitHub website

Please help me.

here is my code: GitHub - vitoriarlima/ website

here is the theme I am using GitHub - lbertge/ezhil: Clean and minimal personal blog theme for Hugo

and I have already tried adding to the toml file this: uglyURLs = true
relativeURLs = true, it doesn’t work

Visit your live site, open the browser’s dev tools, and view the console messages:

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I suspect your baseURL is instead of

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Thank you for your reply! I am new to web development, I really didn’t think about that. Thank you so much for your help, this fixed the landing page!! thank you

However, the other pages are still not showing up properly, I can’t catch why

I am checking the console message, but I do not understand why I am getting this error because I have already changed and fixed the s in https in the toml file:

It’s the same problem, different cause. Use your browser’s dev tools to troubleshoot. You need to learn this stuff.

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Yes, I am checking that now - however I do not understand the problem nor how to fix this, in the toml file I have already changed and fixed the s in https in the toml file so I do not understand why this error is repeating itself

This is not your code:

It’s your published site.

Where’s your code?

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Yes that is my website. I have understood now that somehow, despite the toml code being updated, that change did not propagate automatically to all the other pages, despite doing ‘Hugo -t ezhil’ to build the website again. Hence, I went in each single html files to edit that manually and edit all addresses manually to add the s that was initially missing in https.
Thank you for your help and time!

Oh no.

So, the next time you build your site you’ll overwrite your changes.

I suggest you revisit your workflow, starting with a repo that contains your source code. Then use a GitHub action to automatically build and publish your site to GitHub pages whenever you push a change.

You should NOT have your published site under source control.

I have tried that. I followed this YouTube video:

where I have a separate blog repo that contains the code, where I do “Hugo -t ezhil”, and it creates a public folder. From that public folder, then I push to the repo However, despite doing this, the change I did in the toml file for http to https did not back propagate - I definitely agree that it is not ideal and not good habit to edit manually, but I do not understand why it didnt backpropagate automatically either

I suggest you start with Hugo’s documentation. Specifically, the page titled " Host on GitHub Pages."

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Also, I just viewed the first 60 seconds of the tutorial you referenced… wrong/outdated approach.

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