Theme rendered broken

project repo -
gitlab site url -
^ rendering broken from every browser

Locally, hugo server accessed from chrome,firefox,opera - is broken
accessed from vivaldi - is not broken

Can someone have a look at the repo and say what am I doing wrong?

The theme directory in your repo is called themes/base16 it should be called themes and inside this you should make a folder called base16 that contains the theme’s files.

Your config.toml has theme = "base16" and Hugo cannot find it because of your current folder structure.

Gitlab seems to show a folder that has only one folder inside it as themes/base16 but on disk, this is what my folder structure. Which will concur if you download my repo from gitlab.

Gitlab is down at the moment so I cannot look into this further.

But looking at the Base16 theme demo over here:

It’s identical to what you have at

Either use a different theme or take this issue to the theme author.