Automated deployments with Wercker tutorial - I'm lost

I was following this tutorial on Automated deployments with Wercker and apparently Wrecker changed their interface and now I’m totally lost.

I’m stuck on this step.

I don’t see Settings or Deploy Targets anywhere. What do I do?

I think I figured out the rest and got it out using this tutorial.

Hopefully the one in the official docs can be updated.

There is just one thing bothering me.

Every time I ‘git push’ I get an a wercker error and I can’t figure out why.

When I click on it it says ‘No wercker.yml found.’ But it seems to me that is gh-pages branch so there shouldn’t be a wercker.yml there. Everything deploys find to GitHub pages fine. The error is just a minor annoyance right now.

Anyone why it’s erroring and how I can get it to stop?