Hosting on GitHub Pages


I’ve been trying to set up my Hugo blog on Github Pages (it is already working on my Windows PC) but there’s no way I manage to do the deployment. I’ve been trying with this guide (, specially with the ‘Hosting Personal/Organization Pages’ method.

I’ve found the following naming templates quite confusing:

<your-project>-hugo (Does it mean it has to finish with “-hugo”?)
<<your-project>-hugo-url> (Does it mean it has to finish with “-hugo-url” or be inside <>?)

The point number 7 about adding a it is also very difficult to understand.

Please, could someone help me writing the examples with real real name examples? (ie: not writing <username> but marqmarti)

Thanks in advance

Hey, You could try out using with a ‘GitHub Pages’ output (Full disclosure: I am the founder).

Here is a tutorial on how to do it

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@marqmarti Looks like the service @minhajuddin has put together is pretty awesome. If you’d like an alternative, I’ve found it’s pretty easy to use Wercker to automate your deployments to a gh-pages branch.

Here is an example wercker file I’ve been tweaking for a starter kit I’d like to make for Hugo that work withs Gulp to manage an asset pipeline:

You can ignore lines 8-11. That was just a json site-index idea I was playing with. Also the tutorial that @ArjenSchwarz put together on the docs site is pretty much spot-on and was the basis for the file I created.