Apache Hosting

Hi, I’ve created a site with Hugo, and I used the command hugo to create the public folder. My site will be hosted on an Apache server, so I installed an Apache server on my laptop to test out the localhost to make sure it would work when going live. However, all of the colour, and some other designs of the site have gone missing. Is there some service that I need to install on the server for the website to display correctly, or would it just be an issue on how I’m going about hosting the website?

If your site looks fine with hugo server, then you likely have something misconfigured in apache.

look in the apache error logs. Seems apache has not all needed access rights?

Your description fit’s this issue: Your stylesheet is not found. You can verify that by checking what the console(s) in Firefox or Google Chrome say. Probably “stylesheet not found”.

Check your config.toml. There should be a parameter baseURL that points to your domain name. If that does not fix the problem then post here what file URL is not found and post links to your repository or your header template.