Missing CSS when using different DNS via gh pages

Hello guys, I imagine this is a very trivial one for you but just picked up Hugo today and have been playing with it. I’ve tried to deploy my own test site with a custom domain.

I’ve been hitting a bit of a blocker in my deployment, it looks on developer tools that the server is looking for a .CSS sheet but cannot find it:

It seems to be pointing towards http://martinlabs.io/blog/assets/css/stylesheet.9329d037bc79464b26647fb72e079cd738f5d2418b1df4da3b515db9e22cb4d9.css, where no stylesheet exists. Is there a head or something similar that I need to change?

My repository is here: GitHub - neilmartindev/blog: Hugo powered blog.

I’d appreciate and advice!

The baseURL in your site configuration should match the URL from which you will serve your production site.

Let’s start there, and troubleshoot further if necessary.

Also, if I were you, I would follow these instructions for deploying with GitHub Pages:

This is based on the Hugo starter workflow created and maintained by GitHub.

No problem, makes sense.

I’ll take a look at adding that deployment, I previously watched a youtube video on my current deployment so it’ll be useful.

My BaseURL currently is set to: “https://neilmartindev.github.io/blog” with a custom domain serving to martinlabs.io so I’ll look at changing that to match also.

Changing the path resolved the issue, thanks.

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