Issue with ananke webesite with github pages

So I’ve been able to create a website with the ananke theme and I followed instructions from a youtube video from data professor and the instructions from github pages. When I render the site locally it works but when I uploaded it to github pages and clicked on the link it comes out like this. Am I missing something? By the way the link to the repository for the website is the following:

Thank you in advance!

First, your repository contains the rendered site, not the source (config, content, layouts, etc). This is not helpful.

Second, when I visit and open the browser’s dev tools console, I see this:

It’s trying to load:

Which means the baseURL in your site configuration is wrong.

If you need further assistance, please provide a repository with the source, not just the rendered site. Thanks.

Thank you for the support, it worked! If I have any more questions I’ll let you know, thank you!!

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