How do I get different top level folders to build?

I can do a hugo new posts/ and get a page to appear in /posts/ and on the front page.

How do I do the same for hugo new archives/

And I made about/, which shows up on the local server, but not the one on GitHub.

draft: false is set for both pages. None of the folders in the content directory are being built, except posts.

Repo here:

That is determined by the theme. Your theme puts posts on the front page, and uses a section called posts. You can track down the portion of the theme that generates your front page and modify the range to include content aside from those in the posts section.

It shows up for me as well, but it wasn’t included in your commit to the gh-pages branch. However you are generating that (looks like a script), try running through it manually.

Thanks. I ran the script commands manually, and then it worked.

Then I made changes and ran the script, and it still worked.

Also, I’ve been poling around the ananke theme about the customization points you mentioned. It seems that it’s not the most customizable theme, so I’ll ask for further suggestions.

As far as I’ve been able to tell, all top level folders should be rendered via SectionPagesMenu = "main".

Clearly, that’s incorrect, but I’m not sure where to look. I created a new archives folder under layouts and copied the contents of layouts\posts, but that had no effect.

And, fixed.

I’d left off the ‘md’ for my file on the end. Very important!