Recent Posts Inconsistencies

Here is my repo: GitHub - imagelessthought/imageless-mainroad

I am using the mainroad theme.

The issue I am having is that there are two folders in content wit the same layouts and front matter. One is included in the recent posts and the other is not. I do not want either included but cannot seem to control that so I am hoping someone can help identify the issue.

The two folders under content/ are “departments” and “services”. Services works fine - they do not show up in the recent posts. Departments do and I am unable to detemrine why.

I have searched through everything I can think of but canot resolve.

Any ideas? Is this a bug, it seems like it, or is there a way to resolve this? Thanks.

I figured this out: It is controlled in the config file under:

mainSections = [“posts”] # Specify section pages to show on home page and the “Recent articles” widget

It would be nice if these were not lumped together in one var: you may want them to appear in recent posts section but not shown on the homepage.

If that is possible by another means - please share. Thanks.

I found a workaround by adding these lines to /context/

.list__item { display: none; }

This hides them on the homepage but does not interfere with them appearing in recent on the sidebar.

Be aware that the theme author does not provide support for this theme (and often, theme questions in this forum are directed to theme authors.)