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I started writing a blog using Hugo with Github pages following the tutorial. ( .

Basically the workflow mentioned is making a repository related to the new blog(this is also how I want to manage my projects) as a complete hugo site and then I am writing the files(using hugo -d …/
But the issue I am facing is, whenever I am adding a new blog, the previous blog entries are not getting shown in the index.html file.
How can I fix this with effective blog handling?

Sounds like your index.html layout template is configured to display the latest entry or that you are overwriting your articles.

Post a link to your Github repo so that we can have a look.

My blog repo:
My second blogpost repo:

Currently I have not pushed my changes to github after writing my files to my local system.

The above is your repo with the source code of your Hugo site. It has one content file in it. Everything you want to publish goes here under /content/.

And the repo below that is connected to your Github Pages contains your generated site.

Not sure what you’re trying to do with 2 different repos.

Read the Host on Github Guide from the Hugo Docs.

It would be really helpful if you see the video I shared from which I followed the workflow.
I thought I can somehow every time write my files into from any repo( i did with my test-blog repo on my github)

I think I have somehow managed the answer, I just need to write a new mardown file in /content/post/ ?

No need for me to see the video. I don’t use Github for hosting and I am a busy man.

Yes. And then do whatever you to do to deploy.

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