Beginner Help

Linked above is my repository, theme repository, and the page I’m trying to view after publishing.

My problem = I have created a first post under content as a test but when I attempt to visit the blog page on my site, after committing and publishing my additions, it throws a 404 error. I’m brand new to hugo/web development and I’m getting a little confused from reading the docs about what I need to do in order to see my first blog post.

Ideally I would like to see a list of blog posts when I click on blog from the main page then click on the individual post from there. See the coder example site for an example. Again, I’ve tried to read the docs but am getting lost in all of the terminology. I’m especially confused about indexing and theming. Does the theme handle all indexing or do I need to be adding index files as I create new blog posts? With my current set up what do I need to do in order to add and see posts?

Thank you for your help!

It looks like the menu points to a posts section, but it’s not existent. Try creating a posts dir under content/ and then move the post file there.

Thank you for your reply. You helped me realize that I made a very simple (and admittedly absent minded) mistake of creating a “post” not “posts” folder for my blog posts. They can’t be found if they aren’t labeled correctly.

Thank you!