Adding content/index.html stops hugo from generating pages

I have the following directory structure

├── index.html
├── page1.html
└── posts
    └── post1.html

└── _default
    └── single.html

Without content/index.html, page1 and post1 gets generated just fine. But adding it results in only the homepage getting rendered, but not page1 and post1. I couldn’t find documentation about this behavior. Is this a bug? I wanted to file a bug report, but I’m not sure if this is intended.

I realized you can create special home template. I’m currently doing this and it works fine, but my homepage use the same template as single.html, so it would be nicer to just use index.html.

mv content/index.html content/_index.html

Yes, I know this works. I just want to understand the behavior of using index.html and if whether it’s a bug.

It is not.


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