Non-index page is not rendered if index.html is added to the directory

I uploaded a minimal example here:

I followed this tutorial closely: (except for the part where ‘title = My First Event’ had to be 'title = “My First Event” ') and created two files:

  1. content/events/
  2. layouts/event/birthday.html

Everything works perfectly. But now I try adding

  1. content/events/index.html

index.html renders but my-first-event for some reason stops rendering! Why does this happen?


I think that this is because including an index.html turns the folder into a page bundle. If you want the other pages in the folder to be rendered, I think you need to have _index.html instead which turns the folder into a section.

What are you putting an HTML template in the events section? As in, what’s your goal?

Hugo is a fast moving project, so I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is a reason to put an HTML file in your content directory.

Are you perhaps thinking of If you need to customize that section, you should read about page bundles.

Yeah, I somehow missed the _index / index distinction. Thanks so much!