Add new section for Github projects

Morning all,

Got myself a nice site up and running using Hugo/rstudio/github. Wondering whether I can add a new section that displays the GitHub projects I am working on at the moment?

Happy to go read some docs but being quite new to this I’m not really sure what to even look for.



Yes, you can certainly do this.

Perhaps start by creating a new folder under the content folder - called maybe “projects”. Then add an _index.html file to turn that into its own section. I include a menu specification in the frontmatter for that page along with a description.

After rebuild, you should find a new URL: .../projects.

I’ve begun doing this with my newly revamped blog. I also have a Knowledgebase section.

See here for the example:

You will see I’ve only created one project in there so far. I need to go through my LinkedIn profile & transfer things across.