Hugo not generating my branch index.html

I have many subfolders in my content/ folder:


Hugo will generate /tutorials/index.html, but nothing under /tutorials/usecases:


All the other are simply skipped. They look like that:

date: 2016-09-13T09:00:00+00:00
title: Use cases
## Getting started

Does the info about nested sections help:

I read this doc, but I don’t really understand.
Should I rename the under /content/tutorials/usecases as
I tried all combinations, without success…
My website is here:

I’m not sure I understand what are sections, and if I need them… I just want to have a bunch of index.html generated in the right position :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. Once I got the page to render with layout: post but in recent hugo versions this doesn’t work at all.

The construct in the opening post isn’t supported. You need to look into nested sections in the docs.

You obviously want them as seen in your example. A quick tip is to rename “” => “” – but please read and understand the docs. Open another more specific thread if you have follow-up questions.

I think I understood my problem:
My _default/list.html was empty.
However it is used to generate branch pages.
So I just copied single.html to list.html as they should be the same for me.
It is working now.