Add another section to Cupper theme

Hi @zwbetz
If I want to add another section, what should I do? Can you help me?
I tried to add a Reading section in config.yaml

  post: /:filename/
  reading: /:filename/

    - name: Home
      url: /
      weight: 1

    - name: Blog
      url: /post/
      weight: 2

    - name: Reading
      url: /reading/
      weight: 3

    - name: Tags
      url: /tags/
      weight: 4

    - name: About
      url: /about/
      weight: 5
    - name: RSS
      url: /index.xml
      weight: 6

I create in /content/reading/
Then I created a folder and first post in /content/reading/
1/ I can read in hugo server
but I get 404 error on my github page.

2/ And also, TOC only shows in post section (content/post). It doesn’t show in reading section (/content/reading)

I’m sorry if I used any wrong technical words here. I’m still learning to use Hugo.
Thank you

There is a single template for the post section, see This template is what renders single pages.

You must also make a single template for the reading section. You could do this by making a file at layouts/reading/single.html and then pasting in the contents of the link above.

There are more DRY ways to do this, but this will get it working for now.

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