[Academic theme] generated academic.min.<md5>.js always empty

When I download the latest hugo academic starter template, initialize it, apply no customization whatsoever to the demo site, and then serve it with hugo server, the bundled academic.min.{md5}.js file being served is always 0 bytes. The md5 of the file is exactly the same as that of the live current demo site. I see this behavior locally, and when served via netlify. Again, the generated file is always empty so citation popup does not work, among various other things.

Any ideas on how to address this? As a temporary workaround, I tried to include a plugin js file with the contents from the live demo site, but it seems those js files are included into the bundled js (as when I do this the md5 changes, but again the file is 0 bytes).

This was fixed by simply using the recommended version of Hugo extended (5.8.3+).