[Academic theme] Cannot show education and interests in main page

Hi everyone!

I attempted to create my personal website via netlify and github for the first time but then soon encountered some problems. I used this template and it looks like in the demo version both the Education and Interests are not shown. I’ve checked the demo contents and confirmed that those sections are filled. How can I make them appear on the website? Thank you very much!

You are more likely to receive an accurate and timely response from the Wowchemy team:

They also have an active Discord channel:

cc: @alcarazr

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The demo version is using variation 1 of the about block, but you want variation 2, which is currently not compatible with the latest landing pages.

As @jmooring suggested, I recommend you join the Discord server, where we can provide step by step help.

Thanks! I just found out that someone in the discord group as the same problem. Many thanks!

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