Suddenly, academic exampleSite doesn't compile and once it does the background turned dark

I use the academic resume theme. Today I ran hugo and out of the blue I get

Error: from config: failed to resolve output format "headers" from site config

This also happens if I try to run it on the exampleSite directory of a freshly cloned git clone

So I use this trick (I have no idea what I’m doing by the way) where you modify the home: line in config/_default/config.yaml to

home: [] #[HTML, RSS  , JSON, WebAppManifest, headers, redirects]

then run hugo mod get, then revert back the home: line to what it was and run hugo again and it automagically works.


  1. What is happening here? Why did the academic theme suddenly broke.

Whether I do that on my personal website or the exampleSite, now suddenly the theme has a dark background. It wasn’t a few weeks ago.

  1. Why the sudden change? Who asked for it? How can I change back to a nice white/light background? Is there a new options that’s not documented anywhere that does that?

Thank you!

Please try asking at the dedicated Wowchemy Discord Server as most people in this forum are not familiar with the workings of the Academic theme.