Academic Theme: With 10 or more authors, the content of some authors disappears

I’m a beginner with Hugo and I’m trying to understand the reason for an unexpected behaviour of the site I created using academic and Netlify.
I have a page with a list of authors and each opens with their individual page. Everything builds and shows correctly. However, if I reach 10 authors, the content for some of these authors disappears on their respective pages.
It does not seem to be about any of the individual authors, just the number of authors.
Do you have any suggestions on what I could try to diagnose the cause?
Thank you in advance for any help!

I’ve tried to build locally. I still have the same problem, but on different pages…

Due to the complexity of the theme you’re using, perhaps it would be best if you joined the dedicated Academic Wowchemy Discord Server and ask people who are using that theme.

cc: @alcarazr


Thank you. I will try there