A specific layout template for a specific page?

If I need a special layout just for one page in the content folder. For example: list.html that I want to use the post listing page and search feature for that specific page, how and where do I create a template file under the layout to use for that specific page?


What is the path to the specific file in your content directory?

URL will be just /:filename/, I want to put it under a pages folder. But if it is easier to have the file in its own folder, I could consider doing it.

So the path to the specific file in your content directory would be… what?



title = "Database"
date = 2021-06-28T10:21:15-07:00
draft = false
layout = "database"
url = "/database/"

The path to your template for this page will be layouts/pages/database.html

What do you want to display on this page?


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