Section Lists: /layouts/section/SECTION.html? (solved)


My site always uses the list template from /layouts/_default/list.html.

But if there is a section specific list template defined than it should that right? I have a section (basisscholen) with 1845 pages (one per city in The Netherlands) so I want a different template for that list. So I created /layouts/basisscholen/basisscholen.html and tried other options as per the documentation: but I only get the list page rendered with the default…

Please advise, what am I overlooking? It drives me crazy!

Many many thanks in advance, Wouter

PS And now that I am at it: is there a best practice for a list page with this many links? I created subpages by region using taxonomies. And/or can do a {{ range .Data.Pages.GroupByParam “param_key” }}

{{ .Key }} using region on the list page. And n HTML I used
    to go horizontal with the output but none of it is really great…

Have you tried /layouts/section/basisscholen.html? This should be the correct path for list-template of your named section.

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Thank you very much, that’s it! It is so simple but I just completely overlooked it, thanks!!!

I missed exactly the same thing and spent hours trying to find it in part because I was misled by this. I make sure everything is in section these days and avoid using list for anything just to not get confused.