Which theme for an open source project

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a theme to host my open source project: github.com/manishrjain/gocrud. Essentially, a library (/ framework?) to help people build a rest providing Golang backend faster.

The idea for the site is pretty standard for today’s sites. Quick glance should give the most important installation commands, and the feature set. A section to figure out if this library is the right choice for them. And then a deeper dive into usage and workings on different pages. Probably with a left hand fixed vertical site bar, which can help navigate quickly among sections.

On my various cursory searches, I couldn’t find anything which would match what I have in mind. Any suggestions?


I think the themes site is still in beta, but you can review many of the themes from hugoThemes at (the possibly temporary) .

There are a number of fixed, left-hand vertical side bar options, and most should have section support integrated.

Yea, that’s my Linux box, almost forgot that one. I just updated it with the latest. Once @spf13 get back from his camping trip, we should get the official theme site out in the open, and it should be easier to pick a theme.

Sorry the server isn’t accessible. Could you please bring it back up again? :slight_smile:

Btw, fwiw, something like this is what I have in mind:

No :slight_smile: And I’m being difficult just to hint go @spf13 that the deployment to the real domain is long over due.

Yes it is. My goal for this week is to make this happen.

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Not really a theme, but we use Hugo for our open source product. Check http://vamp.io. The source is here: https://github.com/magneticio/vamp.io
Maybe you can pick up some ideas or copy & paste some stuff.

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