Xapian Omega search back-end

Hello, I’m considering to use Xapian Omega as a search back-end for a few Hugo-generated sites and wondered how happy are you with it?

I was able to install Omega on my semi-shared web host and tried it with a few simple CLI examples, but now wonder what would be the next steps?

Any advice you can offer how to customize it with a Hugo sites?

Can you provide URL of your site?


Slightly off-topic (I know nothing about Xapian Omega): If you want to set up a search service, I would recommend looking into Bleve: https://blevesearch.com/

Their website is built with Hugo, so you at least got one working example.

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Not at all. :wink:

Well, non-free Algolia is too expensive just for search service and I prefer not to fiddle with JS stuff if not required…tried (old) hl://Dig, but that does not support Unicode/UTF-8…

Thanks a lot!! It is another reason to dive a bit into Go language… :slight_smile:

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