Hugo Search Module without Fuse.js or Algolia

Dear Hugo community,

In the past, we often relied on external libraries like Algolia or Fuse.js to enable search functionality in our Hugo websites. However, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Hugo Search Module, a powerful solution that provides a similar experience to Algolia without the need for additional JavaScript libraries.

Our team has developed this module from scratch using vanilla JavaScript, offering incredible customization features to enhance your search experience. Here’s what our Hugo Search Module brings to the table:

  1. Full Parameter Control: Enable or disable search parameters for description, tags, and categories, tailoring the search to your needs.
  2. Custom Search Keywords: Utilize custom search keywords in the frontMatter of each page for precise search results.
  3. Page Exclusion: Exclude specific pages from search results, giving you complete control over searchable content.
  4. Section Inclusion/Exclusion: Include or exclude entire sections from the search, providing flexibility in defining the search scope.
  5. Multi-Language Support with i18n: Seamlessly integrate the module into multi-language websites for consistent search functionality.
  6. Keyboard Accessibility: Support for keyboard navigation with shortcuts, making search accessible for all users.
  7. Theme Color Customization: Personalize the search interface to match your website’s branding.
  8. Empty result: Experience real-time search results as you type, with interactive search-empty-result feedback.
  9. Conflict-Free JSON Generation: Generate a separate JSON file dedicated to search, avoiding conflicts with existing JSON files.

To experience the power of our new Hugo Search Module, please visit the provided live URL. This module is included in our “30+ Hugo Bundle” open-source pack.
You are welcome for any kind of suggestion and pull requests.

Note: Please note that our intention is not to discredit Algolia or suggest any inadequacy on their part. Algolia is a respected and widely-used search solution. Our aim is to provide a powerful built-in search module for Hugo that seamlessly integrates into your workflow and offers greater control and customization options. We believe in offering an alternative solution that can make a significant impact within the Hugo ecosystem.

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Thank you for your support.


Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Do you plan to support fuzzy search, for misspelled words?