Instructions on how to implement Algolia

There are plenty of threads on here discussing Algolia, but I’ve yet to find an easy instructions or a repo that demonstrates how to easily incorporate Algolia into the layouts of Hugo.

For example, created a very straightforward guide on how to create an index and how to connect that to the Algolia database, but there are very few guides on how to incorporate a very simple searchbar via instantsearch.js into Hugo.

I’ve spent quite a few hours parsing through instantsearch documentation along with the repos of some individuals, but have been unsuccessful so far. Any guidance or help would be appreciated.

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I feel your pain as I am currently adding algolia to my own site :smiley:

This part in a “short series on getting started with Algolia search on a site built with Hugo” is quite helpful:

It continues where the forestry guide leaves off.

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that looked fairly simple but the javascript codeon the app.js file doesn’t seem to work properly and nothing seems to show up

Have you contemplated doing that yourself using vuejs and hugo?
I have found good ways to make them work together, I have not applied a search bar, but in authentications and other things I have done very well.

When reading your problem, it comes to my mind how to generate the site also in json and to be able to search using axios

It’s hard to debug without further detailed information. Have an eye on your browser’s console. It should give you a hint what might the issue.

If I were using a service, I’d ask in their support forums. It doubles as signalling what their customers want, as well. :slight_smile:

looks useful