Wrong lastBuildDate and pubDate in the RSS


The lastBuildDate and pubDate in the RSS are wrong. Here is the RSS : https://www.noschangements.fr/index.xml
The last post has been published today.

I’m using the default RSS template. Here is the source code if needed : https://github.com/camilleroux/noschangements

Thank you

I’m not too sure how you have things set up but the lastBuildDate shows as September 19th in your RSS feed. The last commit to your GitHub repo was September 19th.

I only see one branch for your repo. Am I missing something?

It’s not the same year. 2017 in the XML, but I started to work on it recently, in 2018.
The version in production is the master branch.

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Oh okay. I missed that. I’ll investigate. :slight_smile:


Okay so it’s showing a year of 2017 because that’s the year in the date set for the most recent post: https://github.com/camilleroux/noschangements/blame/master/content/posts/4-demander-avant-offrir/index.md#L3

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Hooo… Sorry for that stupid error. Thank you :slight_smile:

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