Write jpg exif data during image processing

During image processing with hugo (jpg) I would like to be able to modify some of the metadata in the image (title, author) so that these metadata are present in the processed jpg that is published in /public

Is it possible ?

Does hugo add any metadata / leave any metadata in the processed files or does it erase everything ?

Thanks for you help

Erase all.

Ok so if I understand well currently hugo erases all of the metadata of the images it processes (which is probably the safest thing to do)

So in order to add metadata again, I would have to devise a post-build script that would process the images.

Does it sound like a feature that could one day land in hugo among the image processing features or do you consider that the “erase all” strategy is the simplest / safest for everybody in the long term ?

When Im implemented this, this was the ONLY realistic option (as in: this was what’s provided from the image libraries in Go).

I have since added EXIF reading – but as I understand it, no Go libraries support EXIF writing, so even if we wanted to do that, it’s not currently practical (as in: we could do it if we spend 200 hours on it, but that’s not on my dime).