How to use image orientation with image processing

If you use the build in image processing of hugo, the exif information and thus the orientation information is lost.

Has anyone worked out how to keep an image in portrait when using hugo’s image processing together with a gallery like photoswipe or lightgallery?

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This discussion might interest you :slight_smile:

EXIF support will come soon …

Until then, you can rotate them with the “r180” action etc… I know this can be cumbersome for big galleries, but it is possible.

Wonderful news. Perfect timing :smiley:

Is it possible to test the exif feature? I see there is a PR for the exif branch, but is there a way to get a hugo binary without building from source?

You need to build from source, but that is easier than you fear. But I would wait for a couple of days. It kind of works, but it is enabled for every image etc. so it currently breaks many (at least image heavy) sites, and it isn’t as fast as it needs to be. This sounds like something I will wrap up during the weekend.

To prove it is actually working:

I site I mocked up to test Tachyons and EXIF, and hopefully sell some of the lenses I have put up for sale…

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